In the light of several advancements that have been made in the field of digital technology, the digital career market has been seeing a lot of successful placements and limitless opportunities.

If working as a graphic or interactive designer is what you have been dreaming of, you will never have it easier than now. Several recruitment agencies like Sphere Digital Recruitment ( have more than enough options for you to apply for. I tried my luck with Sphere and a few weeks later, I got set up on appointments with reputed companies that I had dreamt of working for.

getting a digital artist job in the uk

It is quite easy to find a lot of discouraging data when you are browsing for employment opportunities in the UK Digital recruitment scene. Not only are you required to have several years of experience which makes the competition even harder to scale for young beginners, but there are only a few digital artist jobs that are placed on Classified ads in the papers every year. With so many hurdles placed in the way, it is very easy to get dissuaded and demotivated from trying to achieve the job of your dreams.

However, below you can find answers to a range of different questions that you might have had before: what type of Digital career are you looking for? What part of the digital artist industry do you have the talents to succeed in? What can you do to impress your interviewers? What type of portfolio should you be building? What should you do when you are not getting job offers?

All these questions can become very haunting if you do not have enough help from professionals who have been through such similar predicaments before. Success is not based on what you are working on, but also with whom you are working and how. Here are some Digital career tips that helped me to finally achieve a stable job environment doing what I love to do, and they can certainly help you to get the same.

Build a strong portfolio

When you go for your interview, your portfolio is one of the most vital thing that you will be judged on. A strong portfolio does not necessarily mean a vast one, so you are not expected to present endless numbers of designs. What you need is few design ideas that you consider are some of your best work. Creative Bloq ( provides a lot of helpful tips to create a good design portfolio, and you can use some of their suggestions for inspiration. Choose a varied portfolio, showcasing different types of projects that you have been involved with. You have a higher chance of being accepted if you show a diverse work experience.

Gather work experience

Most companies usually find it safe to take a chance on experienced candidates. It does not matter if you are graduating fresh from college; you need to show that you have experience in handling work as a team and are an effective participant in all projects. This is why internships are so important. When you are in design school, try to find reputed companies who are hiring interns and even if you end up working during your summers without a salary, you will be able to build up an impressive resume that you can show off at the interview.

Create and maintain a vast network

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Networking is one of the most crucial strategies you can use to shoot to the top of the chain. Unless you build important contacts, you will get very little guidance. Maintaining contacts allows you to get in touch with important people who can help to open up doors to new opportunities.

They also can give you important advice that will help you to make a positive impression so that more people can remember you. If you need a more detailed strategy on networking, you can check out 8 Ways to Maintain Your Professional Network for better results.( )

Be visible

Whether it is through rigorous networking or by associating yourself with different design projects, make sure that you maintain a certain amount of visibility. As long as you are visible, you will be on people’s radar. The more you talk about the work you are doing, the more people will learn about you. The moment you stop updating others regarding your whereabouts, you will become history. Try to stay as active as you can, and even if you do not have any projects to work on- try making something for your portfolio. Basically, keep busy and continue marketing your talent.

Hire a good recruitment firm

If you are still having no luck in finding good job opportunities, it is time to get some extra help! Sphere Digital Recruitment ( is one of the leading recruitment firms in the UK and they have a lot of clients in the field of Digital Art. The site lists all the different jobs that are currently still open, so you can search and pick out the ones which you are interested in. Recruitment firms also help candidates to figure out the perfect job that they can succeed in, and also groom them personally for any interview that they have.

Recruitment firms are quite quick in fixing candidates up with job offers that match their requirements. But no matter how you get access to a job interview, you will ultimately have to depend on your talent and work experience to get approved. This is why researching and constantly experimenting with different ideas is mandatory.

Try to keep yourself acquainted with new software and tools, so that your interviewers can see you as a valuable addition to their team.

Above all, keep your hopes up and continue making a genuine effort to succeed, and soon you will have the perfect digital artist job that you have always wanted!

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